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I've been collecting vinyl records for over 20 years. After about 5 years and several thousand records I realized I needed a way to keep track of and organize my records, so I put them into a MySQL database and I put my collection up on my website with an HTML interface. Eventually that website came down and the database was lost to a server crash, but I had backups of the data, and I built another HTML search interface for it which is available here.

One day I decided to turn the code into a Laravel package, which is available through composer as escuccim/recordcollection. If you have a record collection you want to keep track of I would highly recommend using as they have an already existing very thorough database of records. I updated my database my pulling information from Discogs using their API.

Last Updated: 2017-02-12 17:34

More Information

Detailed information on the package is available here.